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An Online Communication Degree Program Can Prepare You For a Wide Range of Careers

An Online Communication Degree Program can prepare you to work in a field that is highly in demand. In San Antonio, Texas, for example, there is a demand for people with a degree in this field. Other cities where such a degree is in high demand include Boston, MA, Chicago, IL, and Washington, D.C. The program typically requires 120 credit hours, which include 42 core hours, 30 major hours, and 6 language hours. The program also teaches students sound reasoning and problem-solving techniques. Graduates of this program can demonstrate originality and creativity in their work.

Research writing

A degree in communications prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Students are taught to use diverse media to reach audiences, while also developing advanced research writing and speaking skills. Graduates can pursue careers in government, journalism, and other areas or pursue graduate studies. Coursework in this field may include topics such as audience analysis, news writing, and communication theories. Graduates also have the opportunity to write and publish research papers.

Some online communications degree programs are delivered entirely online, although graduate degrees may require some on-campus workshops. Students benefit from the convenience of distance learning by using streaming audio and video programs, online writing tutorial services, and course management systems. They can also participate in online forums and collaborate on assignments. Distance learning allows students to gain knowledge and experience in a variety of areas related to communication, from journalism to marketing to broadcasting.

Graduate students can enhance their professional skills with the help of writing coaches. Such a proactive approach to writing can help students strengthen their academic performance and advance their careers. Purdue’s online master’s degree program in communication offers students the flexibility to complete the program within 20 months. The program covers several topics that are critical to the advancement of the communications industry.


When applying for an internship, online communication students should follow a few steps in order to secure one. They should first attend an internship orientation session and prepare their resume. They should then visit the Career Development Center or STARR to verify their eligibility. They should also attend multiple interviews to find the right internship. Students should keep in mind that the internship must be related to the major.

An internship may not be your first choice for a career in communications, but it can help you gain valuable work experience. It will also help you to demonstrate your motivation to succeed and showcase your skills. In a competitive job market, an internship will give you an edge. A communications internship can provide you with the experience you need to secure a job after graduation.

Internships in an online communication degree programs are an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience. Internships allow you to apply your knowledge of communication theory and research to the real world. These opportunities can also include an online course component to help you connect the theory and concepts learned in your degree program with your work experiences. Students can choose to complete their internship at a single site or at different sites. However, it is important to note that you must be a CST major or minor in order to be eligible to complete an internship.

Capstone requirements

Regardless of the program you choose, your Capstone project should be well-designed to maximize student success and highlight your academic abilities and skills. A capstone paper is a 2,500-word argument-driven document demonstrating how your college coursework was applied to your chosen field of study. The document should include a literature review, resource citation, and reflective reflection of your learning in the program. Some programs will require you to complete this project in a small-group setting.

Your capstone project must be evaluated using a pass/fail grading system. Your professor and program director will outline the guidelines for determining if the project is a pass or a fail. After the project is completed, the professor will email the final grade to the Associate Director of Graduate Student Services.

Capstone projects demonstrate the quality of your education and highlight specific communication skills. They can be a research project, a civic engagement project, or a creative project. These projects must be accompanied by argument-driven documentation, which is a writing intensive process. Capstone papers are written in stages and revision is built into the development process. The writing portion of your capstone will account for 30% of your grade.

Career opportunities

Graduates of an online communications degree program have a variety of career options. Some may choose to work in advertising, marketing, or public relations. Others may want to work in politics or civics. Whatever their preference, the world of communication has many exciting possibilities. These graduates can also become future-proof in their careers by acquiring in-demand skills, building their networks, and becoming flexible and adaptable.

In general, an online communication degree program is an excellent first step in developing diverse skills in the industry. Undergraduate programs in this field typically train students in a number of hard skills, such as writing, marketing, advertising, and business strategies, as well as in soft skills, such as public relations, editing, and public speaking. In addition, students will develop technical skills and become familiar with many multimedia tools.

Career opportunities for graduates of an online communication degree program vary, but most online programs provide high academic quality and flexibility. Undergraduates in communication degree programs will develop research, writing, and interpersonal skills. Graduates of these programs can pursue careers in advertising, public relations, business communication, or writing and editing. Many of these careers pay well and are highly in-demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that median salaries for communications professionals will increase by nearly 7% over the next decade.

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