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Kenneth Cole Watches

As an established brand in the fashion industry, Kenneth Cole has managed to stay ahead of the curve, staying ahead of the ever-changing trends. Originally a shoe company, they have grown to include a wide range of fashion products. Today, their range of watches offers a perfect blend of style and functionality, which makes them highly desirable among chronometer enthusiasts and craftsmen. Here are a few features to look for in a Kenneth Cole Watch.

Kenneth Cole started as a concept shop in 1994

Kenneth Cole Watches started as ‘concept shops’ at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in Manhattan. Soon after opening the Manhattan shop, Cole’s company opened 14 concept shops for federated department stores in the Cincinnati area. By 1996, the company had grown to 17 retail locations, including flagship stores in New York and Amsterdam. It also held 24 product licenses and had expanded into Singapore and Hong Kong. The company is still known as Kenneth Cole Productions Inc.

KC2508 is a disposable ladies automatic

The KC2508 is a very attractive, bargain-basement ladies automatic watch. While its low-cost and attractive packaging are a major draw, the design and quality of the actual timepiece are quite low. It lacks day/date complications, and its crown setting is extremely simplistic, requiring you to turn the crown clockwise. The Kenneth Cole logo is also printed on the back case. Overall, this watch is a safe buy if you’re on a budget.

KC2508 is a Japanese quartz movement

For the $125 price, the Kenneth Cole KC2508 is largely a disposable ladies’ automatic watch. Its pretty dial, open six and seven o’clock case, and stones lining the bezel all make it an appealing timepiece. Other than the unknown automatic movement, the KC2508 isn’t worth much besides its price. It also has little in the way of care or attention. There’s no day/date complications, and you’ll only need to turn the crown clockwise to set the time.

KC2508 is a flexible silicon band

Designed for a stylish and versatile fit, the KC2508 silicone band is a great alternative to leather or metal bands. Available in a variety of colours, this flexible band is a popular choice for the Kenneth Cole KC2506.

KC2508 is a tachymeter

The Kenneth Cole KC2508 is essentially a disposable ladies’ automatic watch. Its $125 price tag, cute packaging, and questionable automatic movement beg the question: is it really a tachymeter? Other than the unknown automatic movement, it shows little care in other areas. There are no day/date complications, and the crown-setting mechanism requires turning the crown clockwise to set the time.

KC2508 is a water-resistant

The black case of the Kenneth KC2508 is paired with big crown protectors and gold hour markers. The skeleton window gives you an easy-to-read display of the automatic movement inside. The one-piece lug connects the skeleton window to the stitched black leather strap. The watch is topped with a matching sleek black leather strap. The bold black and white design of the KC2508 makes it a stylish accessory to wear any time of the day or night.

KC2508 is a fine looking watch

The KC2508 is a good-looking ladies watch with a cheap price and a great-looking design. It features a black dial and open 6/7 o’clock case with stones lining the bezel. This watch is small and sleek, with a 22mm case and a very small integrated strap. The dial is clean and easy to read, and the case back features the Kenneth Cole logo.

KC2508 is a Reaction Sports model

This Kenneth Cole watch features a thick black case, with large crown protectors. The watch features an analog display and a light blue hand and hour markers. The stainless steel case is topped off by a leather strap stitched to a black buckle. Despite its price, the watch is not worth the high price tag. It is a good value at $125, but it could be better built.

KC2508 is a Reaction Digital

The Kenneth Cole KC2508 is essentially a disposable ladies’ automatic watch with a cheap price tag of $125. It is appealing in terms of packaging and features, but little else reflects the brand’s high quality. It lacks day/date complications, as the dial is blank, and has a simple crown setting system (turning the crown clockwise to set time).

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