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Making the Most of Your Backyard

Whether you have a backyard with rolling hills or a flat area, there are many things to consider. Whether it’s the perfect space to have a vegetable garden or a place to raise chickens, your backyard is a huge part of your home. The possibilities are endless! Read on to discover how you can make the most of your backyard. You may even find yourself making new friends in your new backyard! So what are you waiting for?

Place for a garden

If you’re planning to have a garden in your backyard, the first thing you should do is choose a place that is well-drained and rich in nutrients. If the soil is too hard or too compact, you’ll need to prepare it. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to make sure your garden is a success. To begin with, examine your yard. Does it look healthy? If so, chances are, your soil is decent enough to grow something.

Likewise, choosing a place for your garden can be challenging. Ideally, your garden will get six to ten hours of direct sunlight a day. Make sure to select a spot where it will receive that much light and prepare it with organic matter before planting. Avoid planting plants that will be shaded by trees or shrubs. Shaded areas will not give your garden the proper growth. Observe the pattern of shade so you can know where to place the garden to get the most sunlight.

Space for chickens

Aside from being sociable creatures, chickens need space to perform their natural behaviors. They should have enough room for exercise and alone time. More space means more flexibility in management, and this allows you to provide more care and attention to each chicken. You can also get a rooster for your flock, if you wish. Then, purchase a few young chicks from a supplier, or hatch your own.

The space requirements vary depending on the breed of chickens you want to raise. Generally, chickens need three square feet of floor space inside the coop, and eight to ten square feet of space outside. Chickens need enough space to move around freely, so make sure to set aside a space large enough to accommodate a flock of a few hens. Otherwise, you risk promoting feather picking and disease.

Value of a backyard

The value of a backyard may vary depending on your personal preferences, but it’s still an important consideration when you’re putting your house on the market. Backyards are not always a desirable feature in a neighborhood, and some buyers might be hesitant to buy a home with one. Those buyers might prefer a low-maintenance outdoor space or private space. While backyards may add a lot of enjoyment to your home, they don’t necessarily add value to your home. For this reason, the value of a backyard should be baked into the price of your home.

Backyards offer many benefits to homeowners. A backyard is a great place for playdates with friends, or an afternoon spent exploring a park with the kids. Backyards offer open terrain that’s safer for kids and parents. While playgrounds are great for children, outdoor play can be dangerous in some places, and even unsafe. Even a small park or backyard can attract wildlife. And when it’s hot, the kids will be more likely to get sick.

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