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What to Look For in Classic Motorcycles

If you have ever seen a classic bike and were curious about its features, you probably have an appreciation for the history and technology behind these bikes. They can come with a lot of old technology, like carburetors, drum brakes, and internal gaskets, seals, and wires. Classic motorcycles may also lack modern features, like fuel gauges. Here are some things to look for when buying a classic motorcycle. Here are some things to look for:


The Yamaha RD350 was a true boys’ toy back in the day. It was fast, nimble, and the pinnacle of two-stroke road warriors. Now that the two-stroke technology is back, Yamaha is bringing these iconic machines to life in a limited-edition, high-end restoration. The RD350 is still one of the most popular motorcycles in the classics series, but now, you can own a genuine one!


The Classic Motorcycles RD1100GS is an example of a bike from the golden age of motorcycling. The RD1100GS was produced between 1965 and 1975. It is an affordable option for the classic bike enthusiast. These motorcycles are available in almost any showroom and can be customized to suit individual needs. However, these bikes can require more time and effort to maintain and restore. The following are some tips to help you maintain a classic motorcycle.


The Honda CB750 is one of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced. Built in the USA in the early 1970s, this motorcycle had an inline four layout and a powerful, tractable engine. It was the first motorcycle to come with a front-mounted disc brake, which made it a mainstream first. Another unique feature of the CB750 is its ease of maintenance. Its single-cylinder engine reaches a peak rev of 8500 rpm, which makes it a great choice for enthusiasts and a great ride.

Harley-Davidson R1200GS

A new ride for the classic range is the Harley-Davidson R1200GS. This motorcycle is a stylish, affordable way to get a taste of vintage Harley-Davidson styling. Despite its traditional looks, this motorcycle also packs in modern features. The bike features a number of comfort and safety features, such as a heated grip and a wind deflector. Its suspension is also adjustable, and there are two seat heights for the rider to choose from. The Harley-Davidson R1200GS’s steering controls are also easy to use.


The BMW R1100GS was a dual-sport motorcycle that was manufactured by BMW Motorrad in Germany. Originally equipped with an airhead engine, this bike was the first of its kind to use an oil-and-air cooling system. While it had airhead engines since its debut in 1923, the R1100GS is considered to be one of the world’s best dual-sport bikes. As of August 2018, this BMW motorcycle was imported to the UK. The bike’s low mileage and original color are both appealing to potential buyers. Unlike other BMW motorcycles, this bike was also designed for pillion riders.

Honda CB750

The first production year for the Honda CB750 was 1970. There were a number of small changes to the model, with a few resembling today. For instance, the fuel tank was now painted white with gold accents. In addition, the side covers were now smaller and the frame did not have the cosmetic slots that were present on earlier versions. A major change to the mechanical design of the motorcycle was the implementation of a two-cable throttle system. This replaced the four-into-four throttle design, where two cables were required for opening and closing the motor.

Harley-Davidson R1100GS

The Harley-Davidson R1100GS Classic Motorcycle has been manufactured since 1984. Its performance is similar to other Harley-Davidson models. The R1100GS is the perfect choice for adventurers and classic bike enthusiasts. It has a powerful engine with a low seat, and features a long list of standard features. For added comfort, the R1100GS features a soft leather seat with a comfortable backrest.

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