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Which Wireless Glucose Meter is Right For You?

In this article, we’ll look at the Occuity Wireless Glucose Meter, the OneTouch Reveal, the OneTouch G6, and CRF Health’s Entra BLE Smart. Which one is right for you? Find out below. Is it covered by your insurance plan. If so, check your benefits and choose a device accordingly. We’ll also talk about how to clean the meter, which features a specialized cleaning system.

Occuity’s Wireless Glucose Meter

Occuity’s Wireless Glucostemerger is a non-contact, pain-free glucose monitoring device. The device consists of a wireless transmitter and a pen-like measuring component that pops up from the top. Because it uses the same technology as a traditional blood glucose meter, it doesn’t have a blinding flash that could cause you to lose focus. The device works by measuring the glucose level in the aqueous humour found inside the anterior chamber of the eye. The transmitter sends data back to the user’s phone every five minutes, and the accompanying app enables the user to monitor the readings and make adjustments as needed.

The Wireless Glucose Meter can be worn in your pocket or in a separate case, and it is very small and discreet. The device has a push-button top that pops out the optical assembly. Then, you hold the device in front of your eye for a few seconds, and the reading will appear on the device. The device also sends the data to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

OneTouch Reveal

The OneTouch Reveal wireless glucose metric is a small, portable device that records and displays your blood sugar levels. Its mobile app allows you to easily view and track your glucose results and provides color-coded bar graphs for quick reference. The app also lets you enter information about your daily food and physical activity as well as medication and insulin dosage. It also lets you share key information with your healthcare provider and caregivers.

The meter and app sync automatically with each other. This means that logging results becomes easier and faster than ever. The meter also works with the OneTouch Reveal app for easy data sharing and reminders. The app can even help you stay motivated to monitor your blood glucose levels by sending you a personalized message every time you have a high or low. Lastly, the OneTouch Reveal mobile app is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

OneTouch G6

If you’re looking for a wireless glucose meter that provides quick results and is reasonably priced, then you might be interested in the OneTouch G6. In addition to its wireless capabilities, this model is compatible with the Apple Watch and iPhone. It also comes with a free app that allows users to share their results with their physician. Another option is the ReliOn Prime, which comes with 50 test strips and is priced at around $20 or 18 dollars. However, it’s not as affordable as the Dexcom G6. You’ll also need to purchase strips separately, which can get expensive over time.

The OneTouch G6 uses a sensor that can stay under the skin for up to 10 days before needing replacement. The device also comes with a wireless transmitter that plugs into the plastic base housing of the G6 sensors. The transmitter uses Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with iOS and Android devices and can be synced to an Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can use your smartphone to sync the OneTouch G6 with the app on your Apple Watch.

CRF Health’s Entra BLE Smart

The CRF Health Entra BLE Smart Wireless Glucosumer Meter features an auto-coding system that automatically codes test strips. This innovative glucose meter provides fast testing results in just three seconds, even with the smallest blood sample (0.3uL). As one of the most advanced glucose meters on the market, it is also fully integrated with CRF Health’s MyHealthPoint(r) real-time online data collection portal and TrialMax(r) eCOA clinical trial platform. This makes it possible for clinicians to improve the care of patients with diabetes through proactively monitoring blood glucose levels.

The Entra BLE Smart uses next-generation low-energy Bluetooth technology to deliver extended battery life and enhanced connectivity. This feature is particularly helpful to diabetics, who typically need to perform multiple blood glucose readings every day. The battery life of the Entra Smart BLE helps reduce the burden placed on the user, since they no longer have to worry about the meter running out of power.

Freestyle Libre

If you have diabetes, you need to monitor your blood glucose levels. Using the Freestyle Libre wireless glucose meter from Abbott will help you do that. This meter has a sensor that reads glucose levels every 15 minutes. The sensor records data for up to eight hours. You can set an alarm to send you a notification when your blood glucose level is high or low. This meter is water-resistant but you should not submerge it for more than half an hour or for more than thirty minutes. Nevertheless, you can swim with the sensor on and still get a reading.

The sensor on the FreeStyle Libre wireless glucose meter reads the level of glucose in the interstitial fluid surrounding the cells in the tissue beneath the skin. Blood glucose moves from the blood vessels to the capillaries and then into the interstitial fluid. Because glucose is absorbed slower than blood, the readings from the FreeStyle Libre may be inaccurate when you’ve just eaten, exercised, or taken insulin.


The Eversense wireless glucose meter is a device that is designed to help you monitor your blood sugar levels in real-world settings. Users have reported great accuracy. They don’t have to worry about carrying insertion supplies or wasting sensors. Eversense requires a small surgical procedure every three months to install the transmitter in the user’s arm. The battery life is also impressive, lasting about three months. The Eversense transmitter must be charged for 10 to 15 minutes every day.

The Eversense system is very easy to use. Once you’ve downloaded the Eversense app, you can simply place the sensor on your finger, press a button, and the device will take a reading every five minutes. The meter then sends the data to an app on your smartphone or watch. You can also receive on-body vibration alerts if your blood sugar is high or low. The Eversense is also compatible with insulin pumps.

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